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Account Status

Each EQUIWATCH account is assigned an active status for members who have an active subscription.  This means that EQUIWATCH Customers have access to the full suite of services as defined within their Membership.  An EQUIWATCH account which has been suspended or cancelled will not be able to benefit from EQUIWATCH Services, and therefore leaves a site vulnerable to missing out on important alerts of someone spots something wrong.

If you wish to cancel your subscription and de-activate EQUIWATCH Services, we’ll obviously be really sad to see you go.  To cancel your EQUIWATCH Subscription, please email stating your full name & address, and you order number (which you can find on your account page).  We’ll then cancel you account on your behalf.  Please note that you will continue to receive EQUIWATCH Services as defined by your Membership up until the day before your Membership was due to renew.  On cancellation of your Membership, you will need to return all Signs to EQUIWATCH to the address provided in your cancellation email.